RockSchool London


RockSchool London is a leading international examination board for contemporary music,  offering graded and diploma courses in various disciplines of music.

Vatsal School Of Music is Rockschool’s first and only Authorised Registered Examination Centre in Chhattisgarh.

Trinity College London


Trinity College London is one of the oldest international examination board offering exams in wide range of subjects including Music (Rock & Pop, Classical, Jazz, Theory and Composition), Dance, English Language, Drama and Speech.

Trinity Rock & Pop


The Rock & Pop exams are part of a suite of qualifications offered by Trinity College London across a range of musical styles, instruments and disciplines

Rock & Pop Exams are available for Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Bass and Drums.

Trinity & RSL at VSM


Vatsal School Of Music is the first and only music institute in Chhattisgarh to offer graded courses and exams from Trinity College London and RockSchool London.